Barberton Times was started as a privately owned newspaper in 2001 by Graham Lizamore and his wife Kate, and was already much loved in the Barberton Community when it was bought by the Caxton Media Group in 2003.

During the next months the new team worked hard to turn the previously struggling newspaper around. For the first time, during the 2003/2004 financial year, Barberton Times showed a profit.

Today, apart from the bumpy road it has travelled, and with many ups and downs in the country’s economy, this newspaper is still going strong.

Barberton Times distributes 5 500 copies to homes and definite businesses in Barberton and the surrounding areas including specified businesses in Nelspruit. It is a weekly publication, available every Wednesday and varies in size from eight to 16 pages.

Cooperation and loyalty toward each other and the community is what makes Barberton Times popular.

Editor, Anchen Coetzee and correspondent/journalist Richard Nkosi makes up the editorial team. Sales, design of advertisements and editorial are done at the Barberton office, while layout and printing are done at Lowveld Media in Nelspruit

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