Get It Bloemfontein is your one stop glossy on our local people, shopping and lifestyle in the whole of Bloemfontein.To know what’s happening in your neighbourhood, you cannot miss out on every month’s Get It with a comprehensive events diary and loads of social pages where you can spot your friends and possibly yourself!

On top of that, we interview famous Bloem celebrities – from those who have gone big in the entertainment business – to your favourite Cheetah players and their sexy wives.

Learn how to dress according to this season’s fashion, see what is up with new decor trends and get to know our local foodies. Page to our Wish List to spot all the new desirable goodies we have discovered or watch out for our kids sections with great ideas for kiddies’ fashion, reads and much more.

Remember that you can also WIN something every month, so be sure to get your Get It and stay on top of things that are happening in your neighbourhood!

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