THE Highway Mail is the grand dame of the newspapers in the Caxton Pinetown stable. At 66 years of age this old girl has seen it all.

She has soldiered on through the apartheid era and seen the dawn of democracy, witnessed mayors come and go.

The Highway Mail was there at the Pinetown Commission of Enquiry in the 80s, at the bombing of the Pinetown Post office, the 1987 floods which devastated the Highway area. But most of all the Highway Mail has been the finger on the pulse of this community.

It has recorded the triumphs and the tragedies of the people who live here, been there when ordinary people did extraordinary things.
Despite the wrinkles, the only thing old about the Highway Mail is its age. It is bang up to date with online content in this modern, digital era. looklocal has long been a firm favourite with mobile visitors and now we have new, exciting title sites, our very own websites.

It has young, enthusiastic journalists committed to their communities and who strive to bring to the reader the news which matters. Between the pages of Highway Mail find news you can use.

With the current economic climate the Highway Mail is the paper to peruse for those month-end specials and to compare prices at various supermarkets. Our advertising content will tell the reader where to shop for bargains, If you are looking for something special you will find it in the advertisements, classified ads and Auto Dealer.

The Highway Mail is the thread which runs through the twists and turns of life west of Durban and binds it all together to make this community the caring one that it is.

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