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Looklocal South Africa brings you the top latest news directly from the local communities, making it the top for breaking news that matters.

Expanding on the foundation Look Local, the platform has refined the business listings in such a way that not only act as a directory which allows business owners the option to open their business doors to the online world, in addition Look Local directory offerings has taken into consideration what business owners need in order to showcase their services whilst working on a limited budget.

Historically known for its community approach Look Local has refined the events section of the site which allows users and organisers alike to showcase their event which not only gives the organisers and or user the platform in which to market their event but also allows the user to be more informed on the happenings in their community.

With its stylish and sleek look, Look Local aims to ensure the best possible user experience whist offering services which are tailor made for the individual rather than the mass market, Look Local has always, and will always be community orientated.

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Reception Number: 0112936064

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