For over a century, the Newcastle Advertiser has served as the ‘watchdog of the community’.

From humble beginnings as a four-page spread in 1901, the Advertiser has developed from an advertising-focused sheet, to incorporating a total of 10 newspapers and a magazine.

Between them, the Advertiser team has racked up numerous awards, including Caxton’s ‘Best Sold Newspaper’, ‘Most Promising Journalist’, ‘Best Column’ and the Cadet Program’s ‘Dean’s Award’.

The team has also made national and international headlines with breaking news.

Most recently, the Advertiser was featured on a segment for BBC Radio International.

Over the years, the Advertiser has become synonymous with truth, integrity and riveting reporting, while upholding the standards set out by the Press Ombudsman.

In the editorial department, teamwork, trust and respect are keys to ensuring a quality publication week after week.

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