In January 2011 — seven years after the first edition of the eagerly-awaited Northside Chronicle hit the streets — a new updated version of the paper was introduced in the northern areas of Roodepoort.

The new weekly to now keep a lookout for is the Roodepoort Northsider. But why the change?

The award-winning Northside Chronicle was launched in 2004 in tandem with the long-established Roodepoort Record. From the impetuous beginning, residents and advertisers alike embraced the newspaper as the voice of the independent community living in the northern areas of Roodepoort — or Northside — as it quickly became known by all. However, Northside — a name we appropriately coined — has no relevance to a specific geographical area to people not familiar with Joburg West, hence the name change to Roodepoort Northsider.

Northside is arguably the fastest-growing region in terms of residential, business and industrial development. And it has still not seen the end in demand for property in this attractive part of Gauteng. In fact, it’s experiencing a boom with first-time home buyers, affluent and settled residents (including pensioners) and entrepreneurs (seeking both residential and business stands), queuing to get pieces of a desirable lifestyle in beautiful surroundings.

These elements are being addressed in the Roodepoort Northsider through carefully selected editorial material catering for each of these. It’s a case of mixing and matching, giving the newspaper a flavour not often seen in local weeklies. It was soon found that the oft-tried recipe of filling spaces – with anything other than relevant issues – was unacceptable, so all hard news stories are about relevant issues directly affecting the people of Northside.

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