The South Coast Sun print edition has been in existence for more than 40 years, serving the people of the Upper South Coast with their weekly dose of community news.

A veritable ‘shopping mall between two covers’, the paper is a must-read for all residents of the Upper South Coast who need to know what is happening in their back yards, both in terms of the news of the week as well as local retail shopping offerings.

The Sun is a Caxton Local Newspaper which has through the years distinguished itself as one of the company’s foremost local titles, as evidenced by its recurring success at the annual Caxton Awards, where among others, its accolades include being named runner-up and Newspaper of the Year in 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2005 and 2009. The paper has also produced a Best Newcomer Journalist for the Caxton Group, and garnered top awards for photographic excellence.

The Sun subscribes to the Press Code of Conduct, and prides itself on its strong media ethics and ensuring that readers receive well researched, objective news that is relevant to their lives. Its emphasis on strong news coverage is evidenced by the paper’s ability to trump its national, daily media counterparts in breaking major national stories ahead of them – an example of which was the Sun’s exclusive coverage of the sentiments of Aiken Zondo, the father of Toti bomber, Andrew Zondo some 25 years after his son was executed for the explosion which killed five people and injured 40 on 23 December, 1985.

The Sun’s small but dogged news team are the custodians of the paper’s quality editorial content, and this same fervour has been applied to the online space, to ensure our readers can rely on a source of credible, breaking news as it unfolds. This was initially achieved through the website, but the advent of the paper’s title site will increasingly see the same thinking being applied to keep our readers in the know. The Sun adopts a fair but critical stance when it uncovers injustices and jealously guard its role as the watchdog of this community.

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