The Addie, which was established in May 1916, reaches 26 000 households each week. It was founded by TC Davies and has had only two other owners – the Dannheisser family and current owners Caxton. In its 97 years, the paper has been headed by 12 editors.

The paper has always been a regular feature in the town and has failed to appear on the streets of Springs only once since it was founded. During the 1922 strike, when founder TC Davies was jailed for attacking the government, the week’s papers were destroyed and the Addie was absent from the street for the first and only time.

The Advertiser is distributed, free of charge, to homes across the city every Thursday.


The Advertiser, which has been associated with Springs for almost a century, occupies a very special place in the town, which it has served faithfully across the decades. The paper is completely devoted to the town which it serves and the interested of its readers.One of the most important functions of a local newspaper is to provide a platform for the opinions of the residents of the town. It is not our intention or our wish to be regarded as a mouthpiece for petty grievances which could easily be resolved is addressed through the appropriate channels, but it is important that readers feel free to express their opinions on the events of the day or be given the opportunity to air what they consider legitimate complaints. Above all we are interested in presenting our readers with details of the everyday happenings in Springs, something which no national paper can possibly provide them with.While the paper’s core values and mission have remained unchanged for almost 100 years, what has altered drastically is the scope of news we are able to report on. While once the lack of journalists based across the country or foreign correspondents reporting from foreign shores meant that we could not carry national or international news of interest to our readers, this is no longer the case.


While hyper-local news, about and for our community, remains our priority, through the use of social networking and collaboration with other Caxton journalists stationed across the country, we are able to offer you a one stop news offering feature all the news you want to reader from all corners of the world.

Interesting facts about Addie readers:
• Our readers are highly involved in the paper and comment vociferously on issues of the day – both within the town and the country as a whole.
• They are extremely civic minded and proud of their town. Where council is unable to keep up with the rigors of keeping the town sparkling or in fine condition, businesses have united to beautify Springs. Windmill Park and the major entrances to the city are only two of the areas to receive attention.
• 44% of our readers are men and 56% are women.
• Our readers speak a variety of languages: 33% are English speaking, 39% speak Afrikaans and 20% speak Zulu as their home language.
• 37% of our readers have school-going children.
• 57% are employed full time.
• 70% of our readers fall into LSM 8, 9 and 1o.
• 19% have some post matric education.
• 50% shop at Springsgate, others prefer the East Rand Mall in Boksburg.
• The Addie is extremely well read. 73% of the 44 000 decision makers in the city read the Addie. In comparison with our nearest competitor – 15% read the Daily Sun, 12% read Rapport and 16% read Huisgenoot.

*Statistics taken from Roots 2013.

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