There seems to have been a newspaper in Vryheid almost since the town was established in 1884 as the capital of the New Republic. However, the local Lucas Meyer museum is poorly endowed with historical records and artifacts in this regard.

There is evidence of a fortnightly newspaper called De Nieuwe Republikein back in the 1890s, and the weekly Vryheid and District Gazette in the 1920s. Apparently, when the British occupied Vryheid during the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902, there was another newspaper, probably “sponsored” by the British command.

There is an old photograph, probably from around the 1920s/1930s, of a street scene, and a signboard on the outside of a building saying “Vryheid Herald”. This however served only as inspiration for the name of the modern Vryheid Herald, established in 1983, and there is no historical connection between the two.

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