A board of governors was instituted with Phillip Medalie, “Red” Webber and John Barrie serving.The first edition of the Edenvale News came out in March 1965. Red Webber wanted it named “Scandal”.It was originally distributed by the Edenvale Fire Department on a monthly basis.

Tommy Kirkland (Minphil Printers) a Rotarian, then took over publication and Bill Vincent became the first editor.

Shortly afterwards the Edenvale News was taken over by Mr Archie Kemp snr and Mr Stanley “Flash” Seaton.

In September 1968 it came out bi-monthly.

In 1969 Edenvale Printers (Ken Stewart) got the printing contract. A company was formed and shares were equally held by Edenvale Printers and the editor of that time, Mrs Alison Kustner.

During 1970 Mr Seaton took over as editor and bought out the shares of the previous editor. In 1980 Caxton took over and it became a weekly paper in July 1983.

Originally called “The Edenvale News”, it became the Bedfordview and Edenvale NEWS in April 1986 when it was amalgamated with the former Eastern Express (east Johannesburg suburbs).

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