The Advertiser’s origin dates back to 1895 when the Boksburg Herald first appeared, and over time and after many changes, the Boksburg Advertiser was on the streets in 1982 in a smaller format, moving from broadsheet to tabloid in size.

The Advertiser was for a time part of Amalgamated Press, run by a family firm founded by William Wills, but then moved into the stable of Caxton Limited during the early 1980s. The Advertiser remains a pillar and an integral part of the Boksburg community, having been present every step of the way, as the city has been impacted by continuous economic, political and social changes and fluctuations.

Today, the Advertiser is distributed freely to 44 000 households, and remains a weekly community newspaper in its hardcopy tabloid format. The publication, however, has also changed with the times, and now offers daily news on the social platforms via Facebook and Twitter, and the title site websites.

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