Capital Newspapers has 6 publications in the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands area publishing over 132 000 copies and therefore reaching an audience of approximately 600 000! This includes Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly publications.

Over and above our print publications we have online and social media platforms to enhance and expand our reach with a further 75 000 followers on Facebook.

Our brands are entrenched in the community and our content is proudly hyperlocal in print. Our digital platforms have given us the means to bring our loyal readers current and breaking news locally as well as worldwide making us relevant everyday!

Capital Newspapers has a dedicated digital media unit that specialises in developing and implementing social media campaigns using the latest social media tools currently in the market.

Various tools offer special social action solutions. For instance Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or updates whereas Facebook is a full blown social networking site. Social Media is a crucial tool as it enables the immediate sharing of new content with targeted audiences as well as enhances search engine optimisation for people searching social media to locate content.

As media specialists our team is capable of developing 360 degree media strategy that integrates traditional media with digital and social media. We have the capacity to deploy a dedicated social media specialist to develop strategy, protocols, and to implement, monitor and report on the implementation.

One of CMG’S key advantages over its competitors is full access to the group’s newspaper division and its resources. The newspaper assets include 14 newspapers published across KwaZulu-Natal. Eyethu KZN is the group’s flagship brand which prints and publishes 10 titles weekly with a circulation of over 300 000 copies and a readership in excess of one million readers weekly.

The newspaper division provides us the guaranteed ability to communicate with stakeholders, particularly the emerging and developing student sector, anywhere throughout KZN.

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