The Rising Sun Community Newspaper has become the voice and heartbeat of the diverse communities that it proudly serves with distinction and honour every week. Recognised as a brand that embodies a sterling reputation, credibility, and respect, the Rising Sun publications are delivered free of charge to homes and businesses bright and early every week.

Residents throughout the areas within our footprint such as Chatsworth, Merebank, North Coast, Overport, Mid-South Coast in KwaZulu-Natal and Lenasia in Gauteng, and even beyond, can hardly wait to receive their weekly dose of news. The demand for newspapers became even greater at the onset of the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when many print publications were forced to close their doors as the need to embrace all things digital was given credence, the Rising Sun newspapers continued to thrive and adapt accordingly to keep to our mandate of delivering to our loyal readers and advertisers. From news focusing on crime, community, municipal, school, and entertainment, the Rising Sun newspaper caters to every need and has rightfully earned itself the title of the community’s number one community newspaper. Just like our printed copies, residents also look to our website to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in their community, hour by hour.

The Rising Sun website is more than just a reflection of our respective print publications. Here, you will find a wider variety of content, suitable for every reader, looking to engage with us on a broader platform. Our e-Papers, which are published on our website every week, also consist of extra pages- featuring colourful, unique, and entertaining content. Amazing deals and packages for online advertising are also available to help grow your business even further and take it to a whole new digital dimension. To prove how popular our website is: in 2014, we managed to attain one million page views in just one month- an achievement we stand by, showing that we are not only formidable at print media but also online media. We have created an online news portal that keeps you informed on the news- at your fingertips, from wherever and whenever you want. How convenient is that? Our website prides itself on authenticity, reliability, ethics, fairness, and objectivity- very much so like our printed counterpart. Our website is desktop and mobile friendly, giving you an online experience that is without any hassle whatsoever. It makes for a pleasant and enjoyable read, much like our newspaper. With daily updates on a vast range of topics and aspects, the Rising Sun website is your go-to source of information and knowledge.

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