The Krugersdorp News team believes that it is the voice of the community and is distributed free to 30 630 Krugersdorpers every Wednesday.

Since 1983, the NEWS has become a pillar in the community of Krugersdorp as a worthy news provider in economical, political and social fields.

This respected publication has, since the early 80s, gone from strength to strength, and today it comprises of a young, dynamic and energetic team of journalists who focus on relevant community issues and considers themselves as roleplayers within the community.

The NEWS has never been shy of criticism and takes every form of it to build a stronger foundation.
Since September 2009, the NEWS saw new leadership when the then 24-year-old editor, Janine Viljoen, took over. At the 2011 Caxton Excellence Awards, the NEWS was recognised as one of the top five free publications in the country.

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